Coppertone Sunless Tanner Spray, Moisturizing Formula, Dark

Coppertone Sunless Tanner Spray has a balanced, moisturizing formula. Provides a beautiful, natural-looking tan. Fast drying. Won't streak or turn you orange. Convenient - sprays from any angle. A safe, healthy way to a natural-looking tan. This light spray goes on in a fine, even mist and dries quickly for easy application. Formulated to moisturize and nourish your skin. Coppertone Sunless Tanner Spray works with most skin tones to provide a beautiful natural-looking tan - not streaky and not orange. Your sunless tan will develop in a few hours and last for days. Note: Coppertone Sunless Tanner does not contain a sunscreen. Protect your skin with a Coppertone Sunscreen when you're in the sun.