Shedds 39% Vegetable Oil Spread, Light

Country fresh taste. 50% less fat & calories than butter. Contains essential fats for healthy growth & development (Contains 280 mg of omega 3 ALA per serving, which is 17% of the 1.6 g daily value for ALA and 2200 mg of Omega 6 LA per serving.). No hydrogenated oil. No trans fat (5 g fat [1.5 g saturated fat], 0 g trans fat per serving). No cholesterol per serving. Contains 50% fewer calories & fat than butter. Per Serving: CC Light: 5 g fat; 1.5 g sat. fat; 50 cal; 0 mg chol. Per Serving: Butter: 11 g fat; 7 g sat fat; 100 cal; 30 mg chol. Gluten free. Did you know? The delicious goodness of Country Crock Light contains essential fats, omega 3 ALA and omega 6 LA, for kids' healthy growth and development. Plus, it's a good source of vitamins A & D. Nurture your family by serving meals that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and fat-free or low-fat dairy. And for children over 4, a balanced diet also includes a range of 25% - 35% of calories from fat.