Avo Classic Spicy Guacamole

All natural. 5 Avocados. Fresh look - same fresh taste! How do we make Guacamole so fresh and so spicy with no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no additives? Easy, we use the fresherizing process; a revolutionary process that uses ultra high pressure to keep our Spicy Guacamole fresher and spicier longer, just like homemade. With a kick! You say you like the 5 ripe Hass avocados? You say you like the onions, the garlic, the peppers and spices? You say you like the amazing freshness and all natural ingredients? You say you want some heat??? We say AvoClassic Spicy Guacamole! It's got a kick to it. It takes everything up a notch. It's the same fine ingredients you'd use to make your own (if you're a heat freak). The only thing you'll need to add are the chips. Oh yeah, and the cold cold beverages. Enjoy! Fresherized means flavor. Product of Mexico.