Dome Therapeutic Support Glove, Small

Glove fits either hand. Helps relieve the pain of: arthritis; carpal tunnel syndrome; hand fatigue; poor circulation; repetitive stress injuries (RSI); tendonitis. Perfect for: office workers/typists; crafters/hobbyists; medical personnel; athletes; musicians. Anatomically designed through ergonomic research. 1. Handeze traps your natural body heat which stimulates blood circulation in the wrist, hand and fingers. This reduces swelling and helps maintain flexibility. 2. The form-fitting design provides compression and support to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hand and wrist. 3. The four-way stretch material reacts to each movement of the hand, producing an automatic massaging effect. The combination of these three proven pain relievers - heat, support and massage - provides you with a uniquely comfortable and flexible method of reducing hand pain, stress and fatigue.