Hearth & Fire Pizza, Flame-Fired Crust, The Margherita 17.2 oz

HEARTH & FIRE Pizza - The Margherita Pizza. At HEARTH & FIRE, we're obsessed with our craft, and we took our time creating craft-quality pizza the right way so you can take your time enjoying it. The Margherita Pizza is not just any margherita pizza. This pizza features flame-fired crust, traditional red sauce, mozzarella made with whole milk, whole basil leaves, a dash of rich olive oil-every ingredient means more and tastes better because of how we put them together on each pizza. You may not see all the time, steps or passion it took us to get here, but you'll taste amazing pizza, so amazing that you might even forget it started as a frozen pizza. While there's incredible pizza to be found all over the world, we've dedicated ourselves to giving you the best possible frozen pizza experience, from our oven to yours. We're passionate about the process it takes to craft a pizza so good we think you'll be surprised you found it as a frozen pizza. Take our mozzarella. We chose mozzarella made with whole milk for our pizza so you get a perfect stretch and mild, tangy flavor in every bite. Our pizza has hearty traditional red sauce that perfectly balances the creaminess of the cheese. We top it off with whole basil leaves to deliver fresh and vibrant flavor. And last but not least, our pizza crust. First, the dough gets a slow, cold ferment to give the pizza a delightful flavor and aroma when it comes out of your oven. Then we fire the crust at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for a flame-fired touch of char. Finally, when you slice into the pizza and see the airy bubbles in the crust, you'll know we took our time to make each frozen pizza the best it can be. We are confident you will experience taste, texture and aroma unlike anything you've ever had in frozen pizza, and a match for what you find at your favorite local pizzeria. But don't take our word for it, taste it for yourself.