Halo Top Fruit Pops, Strawberry, Lime, Raspberry 12 ea

Refreshing fruit bar taste with tons of variety and 40% of the sugar of the leading fruit bars, a Halo Top Fruit Pop Variety Pack has arrived with your choice of Strawberry, Lime and Raspberry Fruit Pops. Made with real fruit, fruit juice and not much else, these frozen fruit pops offer a tart and sweet, better-for-you treat. These refreshing pick-me-ups are just 30 calories per fruit pop and made with 40% less sugar than other leading fruit bars. Use these fruit pops as a reward for completing goals, as surprise frozen treats at parties or as a fruity, delicious mood booster that won’t derail you while pursuing your path to wellness. These fruit bars are also especially great as quick desserts on busy nights and an easy way to cool off after chores or exercise. Halo Top Fruit Pops come in a box of 12 that can be resealed for easy storage in your freezer until you’re ready to enjoy a light on sugar, big on flavor sweet treat.