Beech Nut Goodies Toddler Snacks, Disney, Banana Bites, Stage 4

From about 12 months. Made with whole grain. Goodness Garden: A. No artificial preservatives. B. No artificial colors or flavors. C. Made with 2 g whole grain. Toddler Nutrition: Beech-Nut's Stage-4 meals, snacks and beverages are made especially for your toddler. They'll love their taste, and you'll love the care we take to make our wholesome foods. At least 50% of your child's daily grain intake should be whole grains. So toddlers should be eating at least 1.5 oz. of whole grains every day. Good health starts with good nutrition. A Family-owned Company: Moms have trusted Beech-Nut for the nourishment of their babies and toddlers since 1931. At Beech-Nut, we believe in making convenient and wholesome snack foods that your toddler will love. The Beech-Nut Promise: We leave out what you don't want, and leave in the essential nutrients that your toddler needs.