S & W Coffee, Gourmet, Swiss Water, Decaffeinated

Fresh roasted since 1921. 100% chemical free decaffeinated Swiss water. For all coffee makers. Grown around the world. Fresh roasted gourmet coffee since 1921. Superior quality beans and careful roasting are the hallmarks of great tasting coffee. S&W Coffee from Coffee Holding begins with the finest quality coffee beans, hand selected from the best crops around the world. The beans are fresh roasted and ground to bring you a rich, flavorful cup of coffee. S&W Swiss Water Decaffeinated: The high elevation and nutrient-rich soil of the best coffee producing regions provide the robust, flavorful beans for this delicious, full-bodied coffee. S&W Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee is naturally decaffeinated using pure water. Swiss Water is a patented, chemical-free process, removing virtually all of the caffeine without removing any of the pure, rich flavor of the beans. Enjoy! 99.9% caffeine free/100% chemical free. Coffee Holding proudly guarantees your satisfaction with this product: To contact us: Coffee Holding Co., Inc., Brooklyn, NY 11232. Visit us at: www.coffeeholding.com.