Pibb Zero Diet Soda Soft Drink, 20 fl oz

Let’s get one thing clear, Pibb Zero is not a mainstream diet soft drink because it’s not for mainstream people. It’s awesome, incredible, unique spicy cherry flavor was made for awesome, incredible, unique people like you.  ​​ How’d Pibb Zero get so, well, extra? It’s distinctive taste—which many describe as spicy sprinkled with the sweetness of cherries—is quite unforgettable, yet somehow underrated. ​ For so long Pibb Zero has been seen as the underdog, but who said that was a bad thing? It's a badge to wear with pride, because Pibb is a pop made for all the underdogs out there—and there’s a lot of’ em. Folks who go against the grain and pick Pibb Zero as their diet soda of choice to break away from the typical cola flavor. It’s an intense, bold, and delicious spicy cherry diet soda with zero calories that is sure to become your favorite way to sip any time of the day.​ ​ Enjoy a 20oz bottle full of extra unique flavor that makes Pibb Zero, Pibb Zero. If you know, you know.