Muscle Milk Light Protein Nutrition Shake, Cafe Latte

Naturally and artificially flavored. Genuine. Light (50% less fat than Genuine Muscle Milk (4.5 g fat per 14 fl oz vs 9 g fat per 14 fl oz)). Contains no milk. Healthy, sustained energy. Caffeinated. 20 g protein. Sugar/lactose free. If you enjoy feeling dull, overweight and lethargic put this bottle down, pick up that donut and prepare to cry yourself to sleep on the couch again. Good, you're still reading. Muscle Milk Light is a perfect grab and go option that provides an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals for healthy, sustained energy, appetite control and a revived mind. We can't say it's magic in a bottle, but it's close. Drink. Evolve. Muscle Milk Light provides nutrients found in natural milk that are important for maintaining muscles and bones. Gluten free. Made in USA.