Starbucks Refreshers Sparkling Green Coffee Energy Beverage Strawberry Lemonade - 4 CT

Starbucks Refreshers® Strawberry Lemonade Sparkling Green Coffee Energy Beverage. Flavor with other natural flavors. Revitalizing energy. Real fruit juice, B vitamins & ginseng. 4 pack. Fruit juice blend from concentrate. 60 calories per can. 4 - 8.4 fl oz (248 ml) cans. Contains 25% juice. Panax ginseng 35 mg per serving. Grab and go, go, go. With just the right amount of energy, this sparkling pick-me-up provides the boost you need to conquer that afternoon lull. Sweet strawberry and citrus fruit juices create a crisp yet balanced flavor. A revitalizing blend of feel-good ingredients like real fruit juice, vitamins, ginseng and natural caffeine from green coffee extract will help you take on your day. Starbucks Refreshers, The Coffee Bean Logo and the Starbucks Logo are registered trademark or registered trademarks of Starbucks corporation. Please recycle this can. Comments or questions Call 1-800-211-8307. ©2013 North American Coffee Partnership. All rights reserved.