Good Earth Black Tea, Caramel Chai, Tea Bags 1.46 oz

California 1972. Born to be bold when you're born in 1970's California you've got no chance of coming out boring - that's why all our beverages are packed with natural ingredients and bold flavors to invigorate and rejuvenate the soul. Refreshingly Good: We're part of a network of like minded individuals, businesses & communities working together toward a common goal; protecting the future of our planet. A bright world view, a cosy hug of positivity and lots & lots of color. See the world through our eyes - it's a breath of fresh air. Why should chai mean only spicy? Smooth caramel flavor and tantalizing chai spices, this curiously exotic tea gives you the sweet you need with just the right amount of spice to make whatever you're doing more interesting! Sweet. Spicy. Smooth.