Good Earth Green Tea Blend, with Jasmine Flowers

A natural source of antioxidants. All natural. Individually wrapped for freshness. From the fields of five continents. Caffeine Meter (source data on file): average milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz cup or equivalent: coffee 100, black tea 50, green tea 30, decaf. tea 4, herbal tea 0. Hua (Huwa), the Chinese character on this package, is the ancient symbol for flower. The jasmine flower, originally a native of Persia, was brought to China in the third century, and has been blended with green tea as a refreshing and restorative beverage for countless generations. By their nature, jasmine flowers open in the cool night air. Thus, they are plucked before noon, and kept aside until nightfall. Then as cooler air arrives, the flowers begin to open, making a distinct popping sound. This signals that the blossoms are now ready to be blended, more romantically referred to as the marrying of jasmine and green.