Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade K-Cups - 12 CT

Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade K-Cup Packs. Lemonade flavored with other natural flavor. 100% daily value of vitamin C per 8 fl oz serving. Brew Over Ice. Keurig Brewed. Fruit brew. For Keurig K-Cup brewing systems. Not for Keurig Vue brewing systems. 12 - 0.75 oz (21.4g)/EA. Green Mountain Naturals. Fresh=picked Favorites. Made with natural lemon. Green Mountain Naturals is a harvest of family-friendly drinks made with fruit - the kind you'd find overflowing from baskets at your local farmers market. We take all that fresh-picked goodness and squeeze it into single cup packs. Within seconds, you get a delicious fruit brew that's good for your entire family. Now check the ingredient list - these familiar favorites have nothing to hide. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Nothing unpronounceable. Just honest, straightforward fruit flavor and single cup convenience. Enjoy! Enjoy the refreshing, sun-splashed flavor of fresh-squeezed lemons. These specially crafted single cup packs brew directly over ice at the touch of a button. Enjoy! Brewing a better world. Together. Keurig brewed is our promise. Since the beginning, we've been dedicated to the art and science of bringing you the coffee you love, every time. Always look for the Keurig Brewed seal. The only mark of genuine Keurig quality. Printed in Canada. This package is made with a minimum of 35% post-consumer materials. For more information contact: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. 1-888-879-4627 For brewer inquiries contact: 1-866-901-BREW / 1-866-901-2739. 2013 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.