Milo's® Zero Calorie Sweet Tea 20 fl. oz. Bottle

Taste the difference. Fresh brewed. Flavonoid antioxidants. Milo's Story: Milo's was founded as a restaurant in 1946 by Milo and Bea Carlton after Milo returned from serving our country in World War II. Milo's philosophy was simple - use high quality, natural ingredients, listen to your customers and never sacrifice taste. Their vision still guides us today as we source natural ingredients, fresh brew all of our teas and never use added colors or preservatives. Read the simple ingredient list and you will see the difference. Drink Milo's and you will taste the difference. No added acids. No preservatives. No added colors. Gluten free. Find other fresh Milo's drinks in the refrigerated section. All Natural Milo's Famous Sweet Tea. All Natural Milo's Lemonade. Learn more at