Biz Liquid Boosters Stain & Odor Eliminator, Ultra Concentrated

For standard and HE machines. Cleans up to 80% better than detergent alone! Proven to beat Oxi Clean on tough stains like grass, sweat, and food grease! More stain fighters. No powdery residue. Color safe formula. Independent studies prove Biz fights tough stains (Tough stains like grass, sweat, and food grease!) better than Oxi Clean guaranteed! Works great on these stains & more: Grass; Dirt; Sweat; Coffee; Sauces; Gravy; Ketchup; Dressing; Chocolate; Baby food; Food grease; Condiments. Biz Liquid Boosters are a high powered liquid detergent booster that dissolves rapidly in water leaving no powdery residue. Handle with dry hands only and reseal pouch after each use. Add Biz Liquid Boosters to every load and boost the power of your detergent by up to 80%. For the toughest laundry loads, skip the detergent and double-up on Biz Liquid Boosters. Guaranteed! If you find a stain remover that works better than Biz, we'll refund your money. Visit Safe for septic tanks. Contains no chlorine bleach and no phosphate. Questions? Comments? Write to: CR Brands, Inc. 8790 Beckett Road West Chester, OH 45069 or e-mail biz at Made in China.