CLIF Bar® Peppermint Bark Energy Bar 2.4 oz. Wrapper

Certified organic by QAI. Nutrition for sustained energy. Founder and owners of Clif and Bar company family and employee owned. Rainforest Alliance Certified. 1-800-ClifBar M-F 8 - 5 PT. We're on a mission to plant one million trees. Forests help clean our air, provide habitat for wildlife, support a healthy climate, and so much more. Today, wildfires, drought, and other climate change-related impacts have put them at risk. That's why we have set a goal to plant one million trees by 2025 and are partnering with American forests, one of the oldest national forest conservation organizations in North America. We're proud to contribute a portion of sales from our seasonal CLIF BAR flavors to support their tree-planting programs. Working together, we believe that one day soon we'll all breathe a whole lot easier.