Fire & Flavor Turkey Perfect Apple Sage

Fire & Flavor™ Turkey Perfect™ Apple Sage Brining Kit. All natural. Made simple. Brining kit. Roast, smoke or fry. Simple, all-in-one kit for juicy, flavorful turkey. Includes brine mix (all natural). BPA free. Includes EL-Zip®. Why brine Brining is a process that improves the flavor, tenderness, and moisture content of meats like chicken, turkey, pork, and beef. By brining, you create moist, tender meat with unforgettable flavor. All natural. Made simple. At the age of 25, I founded Fire & Flavor with my husband, Davis, to create simple and affordable gourmet products. We love to cook and entertain and want to see more people do so. This passion led us to focus on the unique, fun and simple concepts that help you relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and family. Do your bird a favor, brine with fire & flavor! Join the holiday celebration with #Turkey Perfect. Find help online at or call 866.728.8332. BPA free. or 866.728.8332. Fire & Flavor™. ©2014.