McCormick Ground Allspice, 0.9 oz

While its name suggests a blend of spices, allspice is the cured, unripe berry of a tropical evergreen tree found in the Caribbean, Central and South America. At McCormick, we grind whole allspice berries which have been hand-picked for peppery sweetness and spicy aroma. Allspice contains all the sweet and warm flavors of three spice rack favorites: cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. It is a must-have for holiday baking where it adds spicy-sweet taste and aroma to pumpkin pie, gingerbread and spice cookies. Allspice also lends a peppery flavor to savory dishes like Cincinnati chili, Swedish meatballs, barbecue sauce and ham glaze. It’s a star of the Caribbean kitchen, especially in Jamaican cuisine in jerk seasoning and meat & sweet potato stews.