Morton® Table Salt 4 lb. Box

For everyday use. Box made from 65% post-consumer fiber. Salt Savvy by Morton: Be informed. Salt responsibly. You want to eat well without sacrificing taste. Learn ways to control your salt intake with our salting tips, then discover the benefits of our other great products. Salting Tips - Serve more home cooked meals with fresh ingredients so you can better control the amount of salt in your family's diet. Taste your food before salting. Make sure you read nutritional labels - most of your salt intake comes from processed foods. Morton Table Salt has been a household staple for generations, and is perfect for baking, cooking, and at-the-table seasoning. Morton Table Salt can also be helpful outside of the kitchen. From removing stains to eliminating odors, Morton Table Salt is an affordable and simple solution. Visit for more household tips: home improvement; health and wellness; entertaining; arts and crafts. Find us at Facebook. Morton Recipes: Visit for more great recipe ideas.