Febreze Vacuum Filter Bissell Style 7 & 9

Febreze™ Spring & Renewal™ Vacuum Filter Bissell* Style 7 & 9 Filter. High-efficiency filter media. Reduces household allergens**. Eliminates odors and freshens as you vacuum. Fits upright vacuums. Odor eliminators neutralize household malodors, leaving behind the fresh and clean feeling of Febreze® while you vacuum! Having clean filters is critical to maintain cleaning performance. Over time, filters can become dirty and eventually clog, reducing vacuum performance. It is recommended to check your filters monthly and replace every 3 to 6 months depending on frequency of use. Febreze and related trademarks are owned by The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, and used under license by Bissell Homecare, Inc. Model 27W8. Carton 310-2489. *Trademark of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. **Helps reduce household allergens such as tree, grass, and ragweed pollens. Please recycle. For customer service contact: Questions: 1-800-237-7691. Fits Bissell* vacuum models: Totalfloors* Pet 61C5 series; rewind cleanview helix* pet & rewind powerclean* 18M9 series; cleanview helix* 82H1, 22C1, 21K3, 9591, 32Y7, 71V9 series; rewind smartclean* 58F8 series; rewind premier/premium* pet 67F8, 44M3, series; powerglide*/powertrak* 3545, 6592, series; cleanview*/ powertrak* revolution 3593, 3596, 6591 series; cleanview* II 3574, 3576 series; cleanview*/powertrak* 3591, 3593, 3594, 6590 series; powerforce* bagless 3522 series. ©2013 Bissell Homecare, Inc.