Endust Lemon Zest Multi-Surface Dusting Spray 12.5 oz

25% more bonus size. Dust & clean fast. Removes dust, fingertips, allergens (Removes the allergens from dust and pet dander) smudges. Leaves natural shine. Spray on, wipe off, move on! Endust picks up and holds dust, while also eliminating allergens (Removes the allergens from dust and pet dander), fingerprints, smears and smudges. The fast-acting formula works on just about any surface in your home, leaving behind a light shine and refreshing lemon scent. How nice. Provides an even, consistent shine without buffing. No-wax formula leaves no waxy residue build-up. Multi-Surface Convenience: Endust's unique formula works just about anywhere dust collects, including non-wood surfaces such as: Furniture. Cabinets/counters. Paneling/window silks. Floors (Endust is not recommended to be used on unfinished wood or unsealed stone. When using Endust on old or unknown finishes, first test in an inconspicuous area. When using on floors, do not apply Endust directly to floors. Instead, spray Endust onto a dust mop or cloth, dust thoroughly and then allow floor to dry). Non-fabric blinds. Dashboards.