Works great on porcelain sinks & tubs! Cameo Copper, Brass & Porcelain Cleaner's anti-tarnish formula removes tarnish in seconds leaving a like-new shine that is long lasting with less frequent cleaning. Requires no hard rubbing and leaves no gritty residue. Cleans and shines copper pots and pans, other copperwares and brass items. Cameo removes rust and stains from porcelain sinks, bathtubs and ceramic tile surfaces. Mild abrasive for unlacquered surfaces only. Contains: Polishing agents to restore shine to copper surfaces. Sodium chloride to improve tarnish removal. Sulfamic acid to chemically remove tarnish. Solubilizer to increase the activity of the acid tarnish remover. Anti-tarnish ingredients. Contains no phosphorus. Helping American clean since 1908. Questions? 1-888-427-6259 (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST). Facebook. Twitter. Made in the USA.