Method Laundry Detergent Fresh Air

50 loads. HE + standard compatible. Powered by plant-based smartclean technology. Certified cradle to cradle silver. 4 pumps = 1 load. Amazingly concentrated psst - twist cap to smell. This tiny package packs a lot of punch. Our patent-pending smartclean technology uses an ultra concentrated plant-based formula that delivers big cleaning power with just a few tiny squirts. Targets dirt and stains for beautifully clean clothes in any water temperature, including cold. Biodegradable. 95% plant-based formula. Hypo-allergenic. Smells like heaven. It's easy. Bottle made from 50% post consumer recycled plastic. For more details go to Made by and for people against dirty. Never tested on animals. Recycle for good karma. For HE + standard machines. Smarter, easier, greener.