Biz Stain Fighter

Now with stain trappers. Lift, lock & rinse away more stains. For standard and HE machines. 40 years of stain fighting. Boost, pre-treat, pre-soak. Biz is safe for septic tanks. Contains no chlorine bleach and no phosphate. Stop stains from re-depositing on your clothes. Biz now has stain trappers, a unique blend of enzymes that lift, lock & rinse away more stains - stopping them from depositing back on your wash. Trust your laundry to Biz! Works well on: food stains, baby formula, blood stains, grass stains, lipstick stains, other tough stains. Add Biz to every load along with your regular detergent and watch stains disappear! For colors & whites. No bleach required. Tough on stains. Easy on fabrics. Yes! Biz powder is compatible with HE machines. (Use half the standard dose).