Bounce Dryer Bar Fabric Softener Outdoor Fresh

Bounce Dryer Bar Fabric Softener Outdoor Fresh. 5 in 1 Benefits. Lasts about 2 Months*. *Depends on frequency of use and dryer settings. Stick it and forget it! 1 Dryer Bar + 1 Holder. Freshness, static control and softness released for you, so you have one less thing to think about. It's automatic happiness. Safe in fabrics. Dryer safe. Happy Dryer. Bounce contains inert carrier, cationic softeners and perfume. Freshens. Controls static. Softens fabrics. Helps repel pet hair. Works automatically. For more information visit Good Housekeeping Since 1909. Limited warranty to consumers replacement or refund if defective. Questions Information Call toll-free (in U.S.): 1-800-5-BOUNCE 1-800-(526-8623). 2010 P&G.