Spray N Wash Laundry Pre-Treater Stain Stick 3 oz

Treat now, wash later! 1st time stain removal. Treat now, wash later! - simply apply the stain stick when stains occur and wash up to 7 days later at your convenience. Perfect for traveling - Stain Stick meets TSA (TSA - Transporation Security Administration) carry-on 3-1-1 size requirements. Treat while on vacation and wash upon your return. Hints from the Experts: May be used with other laundry additives; safe for all colorfast washables and works in all temperatures; always test garment before using by applying to an inconspicous area. Contains no phosphorus. Health. Hygiene. Home. www.SpraynWash.com. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. For ingredient and other information, www.SpraynWash.com. Our Home Our Planet: Save Energy: Great results even in cold water! www.ourhome-ourplanet.com. Made in Canada.