Brawny Paper Towel Rolls - 6 CT

Brawny Paper Towels Rolls. Pack-A-Size. 6 big rolls = 8 regular rolls*. Support our nation's heroes & their families*. *See back of pack for details. Wounded Warrior Project. American touch: Americans have always embraced the spirit of hard work and perseverance, just like our namesake - The Brawny Man. Proudly made in Oregon, Louisiana, and Florida, Brawny paper towels are American tough to help you conquer the tough stuff. Join us in supporting our heroes. In 2012, we partnered with an organization that not only shared our brand spirit and values, but also embodied the kind of inner toughness we admired: Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). Founded in 2003 with a vision to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history, WWP helps injured veterans and their families adjust to civilian life and persevere through the physical and invisible wounds of war. Strength is not an attribute - it's an attitude that lives within all of us. The Brawny brand admires and respects many forms of strength - from strength of muscle and mind to strength of convictions and character. We celebrate the strength demonstrated by wounded service members and their families everyday because we know what strong is. We are teaming up with WWP to help support and raise awareness of the needs of injured service members in communities across the United States of America. Together we can help make a difference. Since 2012, we've given over $1.4 million to WWP to help wounded service members and their families through their difficult transitions. The strength, courage and determination that these men and women demonstrate is truly an inspiration. And we are proud to say "thanks" to them. You can learn more about how to get involved by going to our website at Help honor and empower Wounded Warriors. Make your own donation at To learn more about the positive and lasting impact of WWP programs, visit All rights reserved. Brawny, Brawny Man image, The Brawny Man, FlexTech emboss, Pick-A-Size and the Georgia-Pacific Logo are trademarks owned by or licensed to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP. Wounded Warrior Project & logo are used under license. Visit our website at: +Compared to Brawny regular Pick-A-Size roll. Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). WWP honors, empowers and encourages warriors as they recover and transition back to civilian life. Offering a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury - from the physical to the invisible wounds of war. Tens of thousands of wounded warriors and caregivers receive support each year through WWP programs designed to nurture the mind and body, and encourage economic empowerment and engagement. David Guzman: David was deployed in 2004 and following injuries from a roadside bomb explosion, started to experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His body wasn't responding to antibiotics but after prolonged treatment, the doctors managed to save his leg. While recovering, he came across the Wounded Warrior Project website, "Organizations like Wounded Warrior Project and sites for veterans have given me the tools and knowledge I need to help other wounded soldiers". Read David's full story at 2012 Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP.