Septic Pro Septic System Treatment, Professional Strength

Advanced bacteria & enzyme formula. 100% natural active ingredients. Contains no acid or caustic chemicals. Helps prevent septic system back-up. Digest grease, paper, & organic waste. Safe for all pipes & plumbing. Septic Pro contains bacteria cultures, enzymes & micronutrients that work with your septic system's natural chemistry. Septic Pro's convenient pre-measured pouches protect and preserve its contents, providing the most viable bacteria and enzymes available. Septic Pro is a monthly residential and commercial strength septic system treatment. Septic Pro helps maintain the balance of bacteria and enzymes keeping tanks, drain lines, & grease traps flowing properly. Our special blend of ingredients includes a multi-spore bacteria formula that works to provide superior performance in treatment & maintenance of septic systems. Our formula includes 4 essential enzymes designed to improve liquefaction and digestion of fats, oils, grease and other organic deposits that can cause septic system blockage. Helps keep your septic system trouble free. Septic Pro is a professional strength product. Thank you for choosing Septic Pro! Made in the USA.