Prince Alberts Smoking Tobacco

Soft luxury pouch inside. America's favorite smoking tobacco. What Smokers Like About Prince Albert: Taste; Aroma; Cool; Mild; No bite; Slow burning; The cut; Priced right; Best there is. Since 1856, we at John Middleton, Inc. have dedicated our resources to producing a one-of-a-kind, quality pipe tobacco brands at affordable prices. Our commitment is to meet the personal smoking needs of all our customers. The unique blend of Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco is achieved by adhering to the very high standards we set in every step of production. The attention and care paid to selecting and curing our tobacco equals that of blending and finishing. As a result, Middleton Pipe Tobacco brands provide superior consistency - ensuring your smoking pleasure every time. No-name products could compromise these tough standards and that would reduce your smoking pleasure. Middleton Pipe Tobacco brands are your best assurance of quality and value.