Gambler Cigarette Tobacco, Premium, Tube Cut, Full Flavor

Fills tubes faster & easier. TubeCut Tobacco: The choice of today's smart smoker. TubeCut tobacco is the best tobacco for tube cigarettes. It gives cigarette smokers a faster, easier fill and better taste than every before. So now making your own is smarter than ever. Why TubeCut tobacco gives you a better cigarette. It starts with natural, hand-selected tobaccos, cured to be exceptionally moist. Then it's specially blended and crafted for an easier draw and fill. The Result: You not only save money tubing, but you get an exceptional cigarette with a smoother and more flavorful taste, every time. From the tobacco experts. Discerning smokers of hand-made cigarettes reach for bags of Gambler more than any other brand, thanks to our unique, premium blends and rigorous quality control. So when you pick up a bag of TubeCut, you know you'll get a great cigarette. Guaranteed fresh! Made a better cigarette. Proudly made in the USA.