Pereg Bread Crumbs, Japanese, Panko

Panko crumbs for chicken cutlets, fried fish, vegetables & sushi. Did you know? Pereg premium quality bread crumbs are made of only the freshest grains and baked to golden perfection. Pereg gourmet natural food since 1906. 100% natural ingredients. No additives. No preservatives. Since 1906 Pereg Natural Gourmet Foods has been producing a wholesome, delicious and natural line of foods, spices and ingredients. Only the best and purest ingredients are used to enhance flavor. Pereg's Japanese bread crumbs are baked to an airy, lightly textured goodness to enhance your favorite oriental and classic recipes. Add as a light coating to sauteed or baked teriyaki chicken or beef. Add a distinctive crunch to sushi rice or sprinkle a few flakes on miso soup. Sprinkle on cold salads instead of salt for a healthy crunch or thicken light salad dressings with a teaspoon or two. Perfect in oriental recipes and in traditional fare such as meatloaf, seafood and chicken dishes. Use on veggie casseroles for a golden topping. Our large flakes absorb far less oil and fat. No extras. No additives. No preservatives. Just perfect, wholesome ingredients with the perfect crisp - every time. Pereg Japanese Panko bread crumbs are the perfect and healthy choice to enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes. Made in USA.