Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Original, Half Pounder 8 oz

No added nitrates or nitrites (Except for those naturally occurring to sea salt and cultured celery extract). 8 oz. No added MSG (Except for that naturally occurring in soy sauce, hydrolyzed corn protein and yeast extract). Meat snacks. Family-Owned, Small Town Made: Jack Link (yep, he's real) and his family have been crafting jerky for over 100 years. Born in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, we're proud of our rural roots and the pioneer spirit of our teams in small towns across America. Expertly Crafted, Simply Made: We carefully select each cut of 100% premium beef, then our expert craftsmen marinate it in our signature blend of seasonings and slow-cook it over real hardwood smoke. That's it. Quality Guaranteed: We have spent years passionately perfecting every recipe to create the tastiest snack trifecta: a simple, delicious, good source of protein. We guarantee it.