Rana Tortelloni, Prosciutto

Prosciutto & creamy ricotta wrapped in thin pasta. Italy's most loved (Based on refrigerated pasta sales). Master pasta maker, over 50 years. Verona, Italia. Made with aged prosciutto. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. All natural (No artificial ingredients, minimally processed), no preservatives. 12 oz size! More servings per pack (Compare our 12 oz pack to 90 oz competitors). My Story: I am Giovanni Rana, born near Verona, Italy, and passionate about making pasta for over 50 years. The finest ingredients make my pasta the No. 1 filled pasta in Italy. My pasta, as thin as the pasta my grandmother made, allows the wonderful flavors of the filling to shine through. Age can be a wonderful thing in food! It is said that prosciutto dates back to ancient times when this aged ham was discovered for its subtle flavor and aroma. Prosciutto is aged in the perfect climate conditions to bring out its rosy color and sweet disposition! I am pleased to cross the ocean to America, sharing my passion with you. Buon Appetito a Tutti! - Giovanni Rana. Scan code for more recipes and serving suggestions. For more information or to contact us call or go to www.giovannirana.com.