Purina Right Bites Hairball Remedy for Cats, Tuna Flavor

Helps prevent and eliminate hairballs. Did you know that your cat can swallow hair everytime he grooms himself? This hair can accumulate in the stomach to form a hairball. If not vomited, hair balls can pass to your cat's intestines and may interfere with digestion and elimination. Now with Purina Right Bites Hairball Remedy you can feel good about giving your cat a tasty tuna flavored piece that helps to prevent and eliminate hairballs. Learn to recognize the symptoms of a hairball such as gagging, vomiting, or a decrease in appetite. Help to prevent hairballs by brushing your cat and giving him Purina Right Bites Hairball Remedy regularly. Your cat will love this tasty piece and you'll love knowing that you're doing something good for him, too!