IAMS Premium Dog Food, Senior Formula

Rich in Age Essential nutrients. Thin, easy to chew kibble. Made with the ideal blend of wholesome chicken & fiber without excess fat. Iams knows you want to share a long life with your dog. You can help keep your dog happy healthy throughout life when you feed Iams Dog Foods every day. Only Iams Dog Foods combine the natural goodness of real chicken or lamb protein with a patented blend of wholesome carbohydrates, plus optimal levels of all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. So whether you choose an Iams puppy, adult, or senior formula, your dog will get the outstanding nutrition that's essential for a long, healthy life. Iams Senior, Good for dogs seven years and older. Keep your dog going strong with age essential nutrients. In the senior years, your older dog needs to benefits of highly digestible, nutrition more than ever. Iams Senior Formula for Dogs has plenty of protein to maintain muscle mass. This protein is balanced with enough fat to hive your dog the energy needed to remain healthy and active, without excess fat that can lead to weight gain. Crunchy, easy to chew pieces help keep teeth clean. The size and thickness of Iams Senior kibbles has been specially adapted to the needs of older dogs. Each kibble is thin enough to be easy to chew, yet crunchy enough to provide the important cleaning action that can help keep teeth clear of tartar and plaque. Antioxidants to help keep immune system healthy. The immune systems of older dogs may not be as strong as they once were, so Iams Senior is formulated with optimum levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants, including beta carotene and Vitamin E, are critical for maintaining a healthy immune system. Outstanding nutrition starts with wholesome ingredients Rich in chicken that's easy to digest. Iams cooks wholesome, nutrient rich chicken into every kibble to provide the protein your dog needs to nourish his muscles, vital organs, skin and coat. Iams uses carefully selected, high quality chicken that is easy on the whole digestive system. So your dog gets all of the essential amino acids to stay healthy and active. Patented blend of healthy carbohydrates an gentle fiber. Iams Senior contains a patented blend of select, healthy grains that provide a source of the carbohydrates your dog needs for sustained energy. This unique combination of whole grains, including barley and grain sorghum, formulated according to a patent (patent number pending), helps even out energy highs and lows by maintaining normal blood sugar levels. It also helps senior dogs maintain a healthy weight. Iams Senior is also formulated with a patented fiber source to help keep your dog's digestive system healthy and enhance its ability to absorb nutrients, so more age essential nutrients stay in your dog. Energy for life. Although older dogs may need less fat to control their weight, it's important not to eliminate this vital nutrient completely. fat is an important source of the essential energy needed for vital functions such as breathing, digestion and the beating of the heart. Fat helps keep the skin and coat healthy. It also plays an important role in the absorption the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Iams Senior has a low fat level for weight control, but still provides enough fat to nourish your dog's vital functions. Senior dogs have special nutritional needs. In addition to the tendency to lose muscle mass, they are more likely to experience digestive upsets. That's why it's important to consistently feed high quality, premium senior dog food that provides the nutrients essential for older dogs to maintain good health and energy. Seven years is the ideal age (age five for giant breeds) to begin consistently feeding Iams Senior Formula for Dogs, while your dog is still healthy and active. Even if your dog is overweight, he'll do well on Iams Senior because it has 29% less fat than Iams Chunks or Iams MiniChunks. Feed Iams Senior every day of his golden years to b confident you're giving him every chance for a long life with you. Animal feeding tests using Association of American feed control Officials procedures substantiate that Iams Senior provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance.