Pepperidge Farm Golden Orchard Cookie Collection

Pepperidge Farm Golden Orchard Cookie Collection. Made with real fruit. 9 varieties of luscious, buttery bliss. There's a whole world of distinctive cookies out there... So much to indulge in, so much to explore, bite by delectable bite. Our artfully selected cookie collections are the perfect way to entertain all the Distinctive Cookie lovers in your life! Inside this Golden Orchard collection, you'll find an assortment of Pepperidge Farm favorites; perfect for friends and family who share a passion for rich golden taste with a touch of the delicate. It's baking at its most sublime, cookies at their finest, fruity sweetness at its best. Pirouette: Crisp and airy cookie curls. Strawberry Verona: Sweet strawberry filled, delicately textured cookies. Melbourne: Almond tinged cookies with powdered sugar. Bordeaux: Crispy sweet, delicately crunchy cookies. Blueberry Verona: Sweet blueberry and fruit filled, delicately textured cookies. Chessmen: Rich, velvety butter cookies. Raspberry Tart Montieri: Sweet raspberry filling, delicate pastry cookies. Tahiti: Delicate coconut cookies. Naples: Shortbread cookies with a hint of lemon. Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. Satisfaction guaranteed. For questions or comments, please call 1-888-737-7374. Thank you.