Blue Diamond Almonds Almond Breeze Almondmilk Hint Of Honey

Blue Diamond Almonds Hint of Honey Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Soy & lactose free! 50 calories per serving. Support honeybees. See side for details. 32 fl oz (1 qt) 946 ml. Honeybees pollinate our almond trees and 1/3 of the world's food supply. The health of honeybees is important so Blue Diamond is donating to Honeybee Research. BeeCause we Care. Learn more at 50% more calcium than milk! Free of: dairy, soy, lactose, cholesterol, peanuts, casein, gluten, eggs, saturated fat, and MSG. Made with real honey. An excellent source of Vitamins D & E. Good source of Vitamin A. Made from real almonds. Use in your favorite recipes. From the Almond People. The preferred taste alternative: Almond Breeze almond milk is a great tasting, non-dairy beverage. It is rich and creamy with a pleasant aftertaste. Not for use as an infant formula. *1 cup of milk contains 293mg of calcium vs.1 cup Almond Breeze Hint of honey almondmilk contains 455 mg calcium. Milk data from USDA national nutrient database for standard reference, release 26 (2013). Taste guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the taste, we'll guarantee your money back. For details, visit Questions or comments Write Blue Diamond Customer Support, Sacramento, CA 95812. Please include code number found on top of carton with all inquiries. Or visit us at: