Fructis Conditioner, Nourishing 12 fl oz

Glycerin + avocado, olive, almond oils. Dry to very dry hair. System for triple recharge: nourishment, strength and glow. Dry to very dry hair? Fructis combines a natural superfruit with scientific ingredients in its exclusive care system, for nourished hair with a healthy glow. The Triple Nutrition Conditioner is infused with our exclusive duo of ingredients: Avocado oil, Glycerin blended with almond and olive oil. Visible results: stronger, smoother, shinier hair with no greasy feel. 3x Moisture, no weighdown with system of shampoo, conditioner & leave in oil vs non-conditioning shampoo. Yes vegan formula. No parabens. No animal derived ingredients gentle for everyday use. Cruelty Free International. Garnier commits to greener beauty: more information on Eco-Designed Formulas: We track the biodegradability & water footprint of our formulas. Renewable Energy: Produced in a plant powered by no less than 45% renewable energy.