Hampton Farms Gourmet Roast Chili Limon Peanuts

3 net carbs per serving. (Net carbs equal total carbohydrates less dietary fiber.) Farming since the early 1900's, our family knows nuts. Now, we're sharing one of our best-kept secrets: the best way to roast a peanut. Introducing Gourmet Roast - our newest line, prepared the old fashioned way. Each peanut is first slowly soaked in warm water to just the right point. Then they are expertly roasted in the traditional way. Seems simple, right? However, during the roasting process, the release of the absorbed water acts to seal the pure peanut flavors inside, while creating a visual blister effect on the outside of the nut. The result is a more flavorful, crispier nut that has less oil than your ordinary cocktail peanut. Product of USA.