GenTeal Eye Gel, Lubricant, Severe Dry Eye Relief

Sterile. Preservative free in the eye with GenAqua. GenTeal provides an innovative advancement in eye lubricants with a formula that is both preservative free in your eye and available in a convenient, multi-dose tube. No irritating preservatives to worry about or single-dose containers to throw away! GenTeal Gel is a clear lubricant that liquefies in your eye to form a protective film. It contains GenAqua a disappearing preservative that turns to water and oxygen upon contact with your eye. Long-lasting GenTeal Gel spreads quickly without leaving streaks or causing blurred vision like ointments. And unlike ointments, it contains no irritating lanolin or mineral oil. Just 1 or 2 applications daily provide soothing moisture relief for your dry eyes all day and all night.