Always Liners, Long Length, Very Light

For bladder leaks. Absorbs leaks & odors in seconds. Lightly scented to help neutralize odors. Thin and flexible design fits discreetly under clothes. Reclosable wrapper for discreet disposal. Find the Right Protection for You: Liners: Very light regular length. Very light long length. Regular length ultra thin. Pads: Moderate regular length. Moderate long length. Maximum regular length. Ultimate night long length. Underwear: Low rise S/M. L. Maximum S/M. L. XL. Always Guarantee: Call 1-855-317-4195 for details. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Send original receipt and UPC within 60 days of purchase. Limit one per household or name; no organizations. Questions? 1-855-206-8286. FSA: Call your Health Care provider for details. Not available in Canada. Always Discreet does not manufacture or sell incontinence products under any other name. Assembled in Canada.