Scope DualBlast Mouthwash Fresh Mint Blast 1250 mL

Blast away bad breath for killer charm. Dont let fear of bad breath stop you from enjoying that triple onion cheese steak. Scope DualBlast gives you the confidence to enjoy your favorite foods without the worry. Its unique technology blasts away up to 98% of bad breath germs* and strong food odors**. So go ahead, order extra garlic sauce for that pizza while on a date. Youve got the tingly, fresh confidence of Scope DualBlast Mouthwash behind your breath. *in lab tests. **like garlic & onion. New Look, More Swagger. Kills millions of bad breath germs (in lab tests). Helps eliminate strong food odors (garlic & onion) so you get fresh and get out there. Gives you irresistibly fresh breath and the courage to get close. Fresh Mint Blast Flavor.