Banana Boat Deep Tanning Dry Oil with Argan Oil Spray Sunscreen SPF 4

Banana Boat® With argan Oil SPF 4 Deep Tanning Dry Oil. Bonus. 33% more. Clear UltraMist® Continuous spray sunscreen. Promotes a sun-kissed glow. Moisturizing formula. Coconut & argan oils. Water resistant (80 minutes). A radiant tan begins with Banana Boat® UltraMist® Deep Tanning Dry Oil SPF 4 - one touch spray for quick, easy coverage! This improved tanning formula is non-greasy, lightweight and promotes a sun-kissed glow of long-lasting color*. Its formula moisturizes, with a blend of coconut, argan, grape seed and olive oils, for silky soft skin. Helps prevent peeling - for a deep, dark tan. Moisturizes skin. Uses: helps prevent sunburn. *When used with an aftersun. Questions or comments Call 1-800-SAFESUN, Mon-Fri. ©2014 Energizer.