Uricalm Maximum Strength Tablets - 24 CT

Uricalm Maximum Strength Tablets. Prompt relief of pain & burning. 199 mg strong per dose. More medicine, more relief. For urinary discomforts: Pain. Burning. Increased frequency. Sensation of urgency. Effective pain medicine. Plus cranberry. 24 tablets. **Contents sealed. Provides the maximum non-prescription strength of a medically recognized ingredient used to relieve the pain, burning, increased frequency and sensation of urgency. Plus, Uricalm contains cranberry... used extensively by those concerned about urinary tract health. 2006-2011 Alva. Registered U.S. patent & trademark office. Uses: Prompt temporary relief of: Pain during urination. Burning. Sensation of urgency. Increased frequency associated with urinary tract infections. Questions 1-800-792-2582. www.uricalm.com.