Olay Sensitive Makeup Remover Wipes with Hungarian Water Essence, 25 ct

Introducing Olay Sensitive — a dermatologically tested skin care line developed to calm dry, stressed skin. Olay Sensitive Calming Makeup Remover Wipes, inspired by Hungarian Water Essence, are soap-free, so it’s gentle on skin and suitable to use as an eye makeup remover. These soothing face wipes cleanse away daily makeup & buildup and fortify skin’s surface by drenching skin in hydration — with no greasy residue left behind. Inspired by Hungarian Water Essence, this sensitive skin facial cleanser is infused with essences of aloe, cucumber and tea extracts, which work with Olay’s gentle skin formula to calm dry, stressed skin. So enjoy a calming clean with Olay Sensitive. SENSITIVE MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES: Rinse away daily makeup & buildup and calm stressed, dry skin CALMING CLOTHS: These soothing face wash wipes are dermatologically tested and found to be gentle on skin INSPIRED BY HUNGARIAN WATER: With essences of aloe, cucumber and tea extracts FIGHT DRY, STRESSED SKIN: Face Wipe formula removes makeup and drenches skin in hydration NIGHTTIME CLEANUP: End your day with a fresh face — suitable for use around the sensitive eye area SOAP-FREE & DYE-FREE: A gentle clean with no greasy residue