Listerine Mouth Rinse, Sensitivity, Zero Alcohol, Fresh Mint 1.05 pt

Get 24-hour relief from painful tooth sensitivity with continued use of Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol Mouthwash for sensitive teeth. This uniquely formulated tooth sensitivity mouthwash begins working immediately* to shield and protect sensitive areas of teeth. Unlike many oral care sensitivity products that numb the nerve, Listerine Sensitivity minty oral rinse with Crystal Block Technology works differently by physically blocking 97% of dentin tubules in just six rinses**, treating tooth sensitivity at its source. Featuring a refreshing Fresh Mint flavor and potassium oxalate, this alcohol-free mouthwash reaches virtually 100% of your sensitive teeth areas and gets the hard to reach areas of your mouth. Add this mouth rinse to a regular oral hygiene routine so you can enjoy the foods that cause sensitivity, including those that are hot, cold, and acidic, as well as sweets. * Relief in 2 weeks with continued use. ** In laboratory studies.