Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Power Razor

Gillette® Mach3® Sensitive Power Razor. Less feel of irritation*. *Mach3® razors vs. Gillette® Custom Plus®. Refillable. Fits all Mach3® cartridges. 1 cartridge. 1 battery. Our most advanced Mach3® razor. 3 blades with advanced coating designed to give Mach3®'s best first shave*. Powered vibrations for great comfort. Mach3® pivot technology redistributes excess pressure away from the blades. All Mach3® cartridges can be used with all Mach3® razors. Previously sold as Gillette® M3 power. When vibration slows or stops, replace battery in a dry environment. Do not leave depleted battery in device. Handle and battery made in China. *Lower cutting force than Mach3®. Comments 1-800-GILLETTE. ®registered trademark.