Febreze Home Collection Soy Blend Candle Trios Spice Collection - 3 CT

Febreze Home Collection Soy Blend Candle Trios. Gingersnap vanilla. Anjou pear spice. Cinnamon dolce. Febreze home collection fragrances infuse the air with alluring scents. With soy blend candle trios, you can experience three unique scents that will fill your home with lasting fragrance. Light one candle for an indulgent sensory experience, or burn them together for your own aromatic creation. To create alluring scents, the Febreze home collection fragrances blend complementary aromas. Here, you can enjoy three unique scents: Gingersnap vanilla: With gingersnap vanilla, the spice of cinnamon in freshly baked gingerbread is balanced by creamy vanilla. Anjou pear spice: With Anjou pear spice, the warm scent of pears mingles with the sweetness of honey to create a comforting fragrance. Cinnamon dolce: With cinnamon dolce, sweet cinnamon folds into rich buttercream. Questions 1-800-960-7917 www.febreze.com.