BiC Mechanical Pencils, Fine (0.5 mm), No. 2 5 ea

1 Bic pencil = 2-1/2 wood case pencils. Clip and earn free stuff for your school. Labels for education. Scantron certified. For precision. Always ready, sharp and accurate, Bic number 2 mechanical pencils are the smart choice at test time. Perfect for standardized tests certified (Scantron tested the lead in this Bic mechanical pencil and found it compatible for use on Scantron genuine forms. Neither Scantron nor Bic warrant, guarantee or represent that use of Bic mechanical pencils in conjunction with Scantron genuine forms will be error free. Scantron assumes no responsibility or liability regarding use of this Bic mechanical pencil) by Scantron. Trust your success to Scantron. Visit 1 Bic mechanical pencil = 2-1/2 wood case pencil. Smooth writing lead does not smudge and erases cleanly. Lead advances quickly and easily. Bic performance policy. Clip & earn 1 point for your school! Made in Mexico.